Travel: 2 Days in Bangkok, Thailand

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Swadee-kah (hello).

Thailand. Words honestly cannot describe the endless possibilities in this country!

We started planning for Thailand by trying not to plan. We really wanted this trip to be semi-spontaneous.

However, we needed some form of foundation, so the first thing we decided to do was purchase our flight tickets. One of the only things that was set in stone, was that we wanted to travel during Thanksgiving break. I generally do majority of my reservation searches on Kayak (my favorite travel search engine!). The cheapest and best flights we found were with an airlines we had never traveled with, China Eastern Airlines. Before booking our tickets we defiantly questioned if it was smart to book with an airlines we had never flew with, (and which didn't have the greatest reviews). But we just couldn't turn away from the price, not only did it scream just suck it up for 17 hrs, but it also gave us a bigger budget for other activities. The price for two adults was only $1,226.60 (including taxes and fees).

Now, we had nearly a year to plan and prepare for our trip, but did we? No. I know, stupidity. We waited till early November to start our prep, but do keep in mind, we wanted to be a bit spontaneous.

First things first, I always look into the requirements for the country we intend on traveling to. My little secret tip is to go to the U.S Passports & International Travel website.  They will tell you everything you need to know about the country you plan to visit.

Second, I ensure we are up to date on all vaccines, since its recommended to take vaccines 4-6 weeks prior to your travels. I generally just check the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website for their vaccine/medicine recommendations. The two vaccines we took (along with our annual flu shot) were Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Since we are on the topic of medicine, click HERE to check out my personal Travel Medi Kit.

Next, I booked our hotel. I always make sure I book the first night, no matter how long or short the journey is. The last thing you want to do is start your vacation off tired. I'll give more details regarding our hotel later in this post.

Now to start the trip. Our departure was from Los Angles --> Shanghai, China --> Bangkok, Thailand.

As mentioned earlier, we flew with China Eastern Airline. Now, let me be frank, Sidd and I, both are VERY open minded. Therefore, it takes a lot to irritate us. But I should add, our biggest pet peeve is poor customer service. Lets leave it at that, and the fact that I can guarantee we won't be flying with this airlines any time soon, or ever.

We had one stop at the Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport. The wait for our flight to Thailand was pretty drawn out and dreadful. Don't forget, China does not allow access to most social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Therefore, if you have a stop there make sure you have something to keep you busy, there is so much people watching you can do (lol). But. I must add, they do have a Starbucks and endless mochi ice cream (you can thank me later).

Next stop Thailand.  I must say, the Suvarnabhumi Int'l Airport (BKK) is pretty organized, but crowded. Once you get off the airplane, be ready to wait, Customs/Immigration took us over 2-3 hours. I don't know if we were anxious or tired but those lines were dreadful.  Might I add, be prepared to leave your personal space at home. I've notice many/most countries don't believe in it (lol). Once we finally stepped out of the airport, we were blessed with perspiration showers. JK! But seriously, be ready for the humidity, no matter what time of day. Luckily, I like humidity.

Once you exit the airport, if you don't have prearranged transportation, there are 100's of cabs waiting. Just make sure you go to one of the cab machines located between the main doors, you have to take a slip and the machine generates which cab you will be taking (each cab is waiting at a number). Like any country, make sure the driver turns on the meter before you take off. Keep your personal belongings stowed away. Try not to be too flashy. Common (travel) sense.

Just to throw it out there, whatever you do, say, or imply, do NOT speak of the King, Queen, and/or Royal Family. Thai people are very protective of their country and government, doing such can send you straight to jail. No jokes of any sort are accepted. I will add, Thai people are extremely generous and nice. Therefore, be respectful- get respected.

We stayed at FuramaXclusive Asoke Hotel in Bangkok. The location of this hotel is what drew us into staying here. Its less then a 10 minute walk to the train/metro. The hotel was also extremely clean and well maintained, and the staff was welcoming and extremely helpful.  The price per night was $66 USD, which by the way is considered pretty pricey.

Now for our adventures in Bangkok:
We were lucky to meet Somchai, a young boy who sold fresh juice on the street corner with his mother. The excitement he had just to be in this picture was priceless. 

Chinatown Entrance 

Endless souvenir shops

Chinatown is basically a huge swap meet/flea market. We did a lot of our souvenir/gifts shopping here.  

Strolling through Chinatown.

Ice green tea

Mango stick rice, readily available EVERYWHERE (yes!!)

Khao Sun Road:

I would go back just for this Tom Yum Soup (w/ rice noodles). 

Endless Pad Thai (*drool*)

How could we not wash down our amazing food with a classic Thai beer. 

Short video of our crazy night out at Khao Sun Road:

 Trip to Wat Pho/Floating Gardens:

We were most excited about experiencing the Floating Market and visiting Wat Pho but unfortunately, we got scammed. We took a taxi boat that promised to take us through the Floating Market and then drop us off near Wat Pho, the Floating Market never happened. Instead, we were taken a different route and dropped off at a market near the river, here we were only given 30 mins to shop. Then we were dropped off at the dock near Wat Pho. We knew we were scammed as we had seen pictures of what the Floating Market looks like but we didn't want to make it a big deal as we had already paid the men, and lets be real, it was our own fault for taking the taxi boat instead of the town tourists boat. Keep in mind, you cannot wear shorts, sleeveless tops, or short skirts while visiting the temple. As we walked to Wat Pho we stopped along the way, at a street vendor and grabbed linen pants/shirts, from there we were told that the temple was closing early due to the kings birthday. Therefore, not only were we scammed out of the Floating Market, we also missed out on Wat Pho.

"Floating Market" (*rolling eyes*)

First Tuk Tuk ride

Wat Intharawihan Temple: 

Our Tuk Tuk driver was nice and gave us the suggestion to check out Wat Intharawihan Temple.

Wat Intharawihan has a must see 105ft tall Buddha statue. It took 60 years to build this beautiful Buddha.

Excuse the blurry picture.

Different Gods/Protectors.

Next Stop, Lucky Buddha Temple:

Stunning details! 

Gopro Video of our Bangkok adventures:

We absolutely loved Bangkok and its kind people! If you have any questions or would like any advice about your travel plans to Bangkok, please feel free to contact/message me!

Live. Laugh. Shine. 

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