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Hey Y'all.

No matter where I travel to, I always pack my personal Travel First Aid Kit. Especially if I'm traveling abroad or if I know adventures are in store. I personally believe having your own First Aid Kit is major key, as common medicine is not always readily available. Do keep in mind, the items listed below are what I would pack, so please adjust your essentials according to your vacation needs. For a quick list, check right before the picture display.

My First Aid Travel essentials include (click the photos below for direct links):

Dramamine: Motion sickness relief. We always take dramamine before any boat ride, water activity, or even car rides that we know will consist of long and winding roads. (✨ I found it for less than 4 bucks on Amazon, I usually get it for $6-7 at CVS)

Imodium: Multi-Symptom Relief. One word, no wait, two words; Anti-diarrhea. This one is pretty self explanatory (lol). I always pack Imodium, not only because I have a sensitive stomach, but because I would rather be safe than sorry -- lets be honest.
My brother, who has a pretty strong stomach, got diarrhea in India and the medications that the pharmacy gave him, actually made him worse. Therefore, I always recommend taking stuff you trust.

Bengay: Extra Strength. Pain reliever. This little trick I'm about to share is one of my favorites! It really helps you recover faster and also not waste your vacation days by being sore and/or tired. After a long day or activities or even just a day full of walking around, I love to rub Bengay on my feet and legs before bed. It honestly will make you feel good as new in the morning.

The next few items are pretty self explanatory and I use them in this order:

- Alcohol Antiseptic Wipes: Any and all cuts, scrapes, etc.
- Neosporin + Pain Relief: Dual Action Ointment.
- Band-aids: Multi Sized.

- Advil: Again, pretty self explanatory but a necessity.

- Bandage Wraps (Cloth): Self-adherent elastic wrap. I like to pack self-adherent elastic wrap because if we accidentally twist an ankle or something similar, these wraps are lifesavers! The bandage wrap will stick to itself so ensuring the wrap stays on is no hassle.

- Cortizone: Anti-Itch Cream. Mosquito, spiders, ants, etc. are everywhere! Another better safe than sorry item.

- Hand Sanitizer: In many 3rd world countries, the water isn't the safest, and not every restroom carries soap, therefore, having hand sanitizer can be beneficial.

- Tums: Lets be frank, your on vacation. Are you really watching those calories? I know I'm not! Tums can really be your best friend after that 3rd taco (*wink wink*).

- Wet Ones: Antibacterial Hand and Face Wipes. These are great for those hot and humid environments, like Thailand.

You're probably wondering how in the world do I pack so many medications for one trip?! Well, I know I did until I discovered Ziplocks. Honestly, Ziplock baggies are my go to for everything. They can really make packing a breeze!

Quick List: 
Alcohol Antiseptic Wipes
Cloth Bandage Wraps
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Ones


Live. Laugh. Shine. 

*All items listed in this post are because I honestly believe in them. They are not sponsored. However, the links to Amazon are affiliated links. If you have any questions about why I use affiliated links, please feel free to message me. 


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