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When I think of Hawaii, I think of beach, sand, surf, adventure and so much more. Lets be real, Hawaii has it all! You could probably achieve all your crazy travel fantasies just here alone. I could list endless pro's and todo's but there is one major con, cost. Hawaii is expensive. But if I could ignore all cost and live up my bucket list, I would:

1. Off Door Helicopter Tour - Kauai

Yes, you read that right! Off aka NO doors on a helicopter. Yup. How badass is that?!

Why? Experience hidden waterfalls, fly over overflowing lava, and get an amazing panoramic views of the coastline.

2. Haʻikū Stairs or Stairway to Heaven - O'ahu 

Why? Test all your limits! Haʻikū Stairs are a steep 3,922 step stairway which reaches nearly 3,000 feet.  However, the infamous views and the Insta pic worthy sneery come with a price, its in fact illegal.

The stairway has been off limits to the public for over 30 years. But lets be honest, we've seen every other travel blogger hiking up these stairs. I guess, do it for the 'gram?

Its said, after a brutal storm that hit in 2015 the condition of the stairway have become unviable. So I don't condone being over adventures and taking these dangerous stairs. But that doesn't mean I can't do it at my own freewill (*insert mischievous emoji*).

3. Haleakala Sunrise - Maui 

Why? Haven't you ever wanted to walk on clouds? Even better, experience the sunrise above the clouds. Well its possible aMaui's highest peak, almost 10,023 feet above sea level. You along with many other tourist will experience an epic sunrise.

4. Diving | Snorkeling | Swimming with Dolphins  

Why? I feel like no matter where you go in the world the ocean always has something new to offer. So no matter how many times you've gone diving or snorkeling, you'll always have a unique experience.

5. Luaus 

No Hawaii bucket list is complete without a ceremonial luau. Why go to the inland and not embrace in there culture??

Why? Indulge in the most iconic culturally rich party. Lets all face it, we've all been to a luau themed party...therefore, we all probably should experience a real one!

6. Rainbow Falls - Big Island 

Why? Don't you believe in unicorns and pots of gold?! Well where else to look for them other than a place on earth where a rainbow never fails to shine.

Must have - Foodie time.

Now, lets be real, you can't discredit local eats. You gotta give your taste buds what they're looking for. Therefore, no bucket list is complete without must try local specialties.

1. Shave Ice - Not Shaved Ice

On a hot sunny day, their is nothing that can quench the heat like shave ice! The endless toppings will put you at a loss for words! Hawaiian shave ice is made by shaving a bock of ice, giving you a ultra fine smooth texture. The shave ice is topped off with flavored syrup which is absorbed by the ice.

Some popular toppings include: Lychee, strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, mochi, coconut, and many many more! Yum!

2. Acai Bowl

Acai is a tropical superfruit known for its multiple health benefits, with anti-aging being its most known benefit. An Acai bowl is acai purée blended with different fruits, juices, and even different dairy-free alternatives like almond milk and soy milk; basically making it a thick smoothie that is topped with granola, fruits, chia seeds, coconut, and much more.

3. Malasadas

Mmm...Doh-Nut....Malasada's are deep fried balls coated in sugar AKA a warm fluffy donut. Yes! I'll take a dozen, please.

4. Spam Musubi

Now this one I'm kind of iffy about! First off, I'm vegetarian so I'm not about to eat spam but when ever I hear about must try foods from Hawaii, Spam Musubi always is mentioned. Spam Musubi is a slice of grilled Spam on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori (seaweed)...and from what  I've heard, 7/11 sells the best ones. Say what?!

5. Poi Mochi

Poi mochi is a mochi stuffed deep fried poi ball. Like me, if you don't know what poi is, poi is a paste made from the root of taro.  The delicious deep-fried balls of heaven coated in sugar are crunchy on the outside, while remaining soft and chewy inside.
Hope my ultimate Hawaii bucket list helps add some must do things to your list! Lets compare list, comment down below and let me know whats on your Hawaii buckets list

Shinea J.

All photos used in this blog post were selected from various websites, for more information about any photo, please follow the link posted directly under each photo.

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